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Menco Resolve Pest Control, formed through joining Menco Environmental
Services & Resolve Pest Control together in 2022.
Prior to this, Menco had been providing expert pest control solutions throughout
Edinburgh & The Lothians since 2000. Resolve, having commenced trading in
2016 also providing first class service. Now as one company, we are able to
push delivery of excellent service to our customers.
As full audited members of the British Pest Control Association, our commitment
to our customers & our staff is unparalleled.

Services We Offer

Rats & Mice

Reduce the risk of diseases spreading in your property by stamping out
your rodent problem.

Rats & mice can cause a significant health problem as they urinate
wherever they go to mark their territory, spreading disease that can
easily be passed to humans.

Mice are one of the most common pest species in the UK & can cause
a lot of damage & there are 2 types of rat in the UK, the brown, or
common rat, & the black, or ship rat. They live in wall cavities or under
floorboards, so if you hear them, call us.

Wasps & Bees

Avoid potential nasty stings by hiring the experts in wasp
& beehive removal services.

Wasps will only attack if they're provoked, however if they are &
they're a social variety, they could send a distress call & bring
other, unwanted wasps to your property.

Bees can be treated, as they're not protected, even though they
are endangered, so we would recommend relocating them, rather
than eradicating them. But speak to us for advice on bee removal,
as well as wasp & wasp nest removal.


Deterring pest birds using falconry is a natural method of bird control
as it utilizes nature's instincts.

Fleas & Bed Bugs

Eradicate all signs of fleas & bed bugs with Menco Resolve Ltd.
Call us today to hear more.

Discovering you have fleas in your home can be distressing, they very
rarely spread disease in the UK, however they can cause irritation to
both humans & their animals.

Bed bugs can be common especially if you travel, have any secondhand
furniture or have a multi occupancy property. They do bite, especially
at night when they're most active, & can cause a bad skin reaction.
Call us to find out about our bed bug treatment.


Do away with avian pests & turn to a leading provider of pest control

The most common bird we deal with are pigeons. When their droppings
become airborne they can cause breathing problems, as disease can be
spread by the birds themselves, as well as their droppings.

They can also cause damage to your brick or stonework, as their droppings
are very acidic & corrosive. Call us for the best advice on bird control.


Entrust the professionals with your grey squirrel infestation
& hire our team today.

Although they can be very cute to look at they can also be
very destructive, they're actually in the top 100 of the worst
invasive pest species in the world.

Rest assured, we will never harm a red squirrel due to their
protected status.


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