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Competent Squirrel Removal Services in Edinburgh and Surrounding Areas

Avoid lasting damage to your timber, wiring, and insulation by eradicating the squirrel problem in your home. Here at Resolve Pest Control, based in Edinburgh City Centre, we provide first-class squirrel control and removal services, ensuring the grey pests are removed safely and effectively. Contact us now to hear more about our services.

A Nuisance Pest

Grey squirrels are usually found causing problems in lofts, extraction fans, kitchen cupboards, and gardens. They cause untold damage to timber beams, insulation, and wiring in lofts, which badly affects the structural integrity of your roof. Our method of removal involves utilising live cage trapping, so that we do not cause any harm to any indigenous red squirrels-which, if caught, we'll release safely.

Dedicated Squirrels Solutions in Edinburgh

The Process

Organize an inspection today, and we'll come to your property and assess the situation, and then we'll provide an effective treatment plan that'll remove the problem. Our treatment is implemented over a 5-day period, so that we can ensure all squirrels are removed from your property. After that, we'll make recommendations on how to prevent any future infestations.

Dedicated Squirrels Solutions in Edinburgh


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