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Effective Falconry Bird Control

Deterring pest birds using falconry is a natural method of bird control as it utilizes nature's instincts.

Falconry bird control is ideal for:

  • Clearing large sites of nuisance bird populations.
  • Operating in urban areas where proofing methods are unsuitable or access is unavailable to our team-shopping centres, flats and city centres.
  • Preventing nuisance bird populations from roosting or nesting.
  • Clearing pest birds away from a site prior to a bird proofing installation.
Falconry Control Solutions in Edinburgh

Why use falconry response for bird control instead of bird proofing?

Sometimes bird proofing isn't an option. A building may be listed or the size of the building could make proofing impractical. You may have nuisance birds in a wide open area, such as a landfill or farmland, where proofing is just not a viable bird control solution. Our bird control teams will be able to determine whether falconry will be an effective recommendation for your site when we complete a site survey.


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